31 October, 2014

Real Estate in Como

5 Reasons to buy:


The main argument for buying property in Lake Como is its unique beauty, fabulous harmony and fantastic views, the greatness of its parks and architecture and the endless show of colors. At the lakeside of Como reins a special atmosphere of comfort and peace. There is a smooth combination of mild climate and beautiful sceneries, fascinating with its diversity every day.

30 October, 2014

Beauty Case

Which lipstick color are we going to choose for this winter? The answer is simple: red!

Actually not a classic one, but a red enriched with dark pigments. Therefore, burgundy, plum, purple, and perhaps some deep reds and browns. Or lightened shades of orange and magenta, coral and pink, through to the more clear and nude blush tones.

Which ones to choose? Obviously the best, and here they are!

29 October, 2014

Staying Power

Shoe trends come and go, but ankle boots are always on the feet of every fashionista. They are versatile, comfortable and practical for everyday wear.

1. Sergio Rossi, sergiorossi.com 2. Proenza Schouler, proenzaschouler.com 3. Lanvin, lanvin.com 4. Bottega Veneta, bottegaveneta.com 5. Ermanno Scervino, ermannoscervino.it 6. Emanuel Ungaro, ungaro.com

28 October, 2014

Russian Evening In Milan

On 2nd October, the antique Palazzo Cusani has host a traditional reception that underlines the close cultural relationship between Russia and Italy.

In this, the 9th edition of the event, the mayors of Italian cities, people of art, and delegates from the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce have participate. Russian Evening in Milan is one of many projects organized by the Direction of International Programmes. Fashion&Beauty talks to the organization head Tatiana Shumova.

27 October, 2014

Mona Lisa’s Descendants

Mila Anufrieva has visited the noble Strozzi family that traces its roots back to the 13th century

Strozzi is one of the oldest and most powerful Florentine families. Some time ago, the Strozzis played an important role in the political life of Italy, and became de facto rulers of the region. Many famous commanders, men of science and politicians belonged to the clan.

Palla Strozzi, the scientist and diplomat, donated his huge fortune to the development of Florentine culture. Filippo Strozzi the Elder began the building of the family palace, the Palazzo Strozzi, that today is a Florence museum. To explain the power of the family, it is enough to mention that their secretary was Niccolo Machiavelli; and Lisa Gherardini, who belonged to the dynasty, was the subject of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

26 October, 2014

Beauty Digest

Editor’s beauty choices of the month


Glowing, sparkling and extravagant, these are the perfect terms to define the new extremely elegant palette’s four eyeshadow shades designed by Givenchy. This unique piece is a must-have we cannot miss. The shimmer of pearls inspired the eye shadow’s quartet. The palette also features a complementary discreet shade of lipstick. While the brown and purple colors deepen and define the eyes, the gold and shimmering silver strengthen their intensity. The elegant leather-look of the case provides the finishing touch to the luxe packaging.


The new make-up from the fall collection by Chanel is inspired by a color that evokes delicacy and poetry: rose. The shade is declined in endless variations, creating a palette of intense colors and delicate tones at the same time. We chose for our readers Joues Contraste, a blush which touches your cheeks with a soft innocence. In a delicate rosewood tone, the passionate color evokes the fleeting shadow of restrained emotion.


La Mer presents the new Intensive Revitalizing Mask, to help skin bounce back, restoring its radiance with the vital protection it can count on. The legendary Miracle BrothTM, is a potent blend of antioxidants and marine active elements that help shield against the catalysts of premature aging. The mask is made with extracts of grapefruit, mint, Helichrysum and other sensorial ingredients. Apply it gently with cupped hands to the face and breathe in a generous amount of this soft, refreshing cream three times. Massage it in with soft circular motions. Leave it for 8 minutes. Your skin will be even more gorgeous, day by day, massage by massage.

TEXT: Paolo Salerno
25 October, 2014

Lifestyle Digest

Editor’s lifestyle choice of the month


It’s all about the BMW I3 electric car and your desire to drive it whenever and wherever you want; tearing along the track at 150km/h and overrunning roadsters and sports cars; driving around the city and shedding no sound as your machine has no gas engine; or running between small villages without any car exhaust. Sitting in the luxurious chocolate leather interior with wood panels it doesn’t seem like a small car as the I3 is quite airy. Yet it is still difficult to find a charge station for electric cars in our country, however Europe has already been filled with these vehicles bustling around narrow streets.

24 October, 2014

Gurus Of Fashion

Exclusively for Fashion & Beauty six luxury Italian boutique owners have each created an exclusive winter Look just for us

Tonino Asselta, Gino Cuccuini, Daniela Kraker, Gianni Peroni, Jacopo Tonelli and Giordano Ollari are among Italy’s prominent boutique proprietors. So when it comes to creating a flawless style you can definitely trust them.

TONINO ASSELTA (Asselta boutiques in Bari, Andria and Barletta)

Tonino is the owner of one of the most famous multi-brand shops in Southern Italy. Apart from the women’s and men’s collections here you can also find a children’s fashion line. The carefully chosen items from Italian fashion designers are not the only reason to visit Tonino, the amazing shop windows, decorated by Asselta himself, are worth the trip.

23 October, 2014

Long Live The Lipstick!

It is the symbol of universal beauty, the touch of femininity par excellence, the most commonly purchased cosmetic, always envied, continuously reinvented. Ladies and gentlemen, here comes lipstick, the real star of any make-up

According to Max Factor “A woman who does not wear lipstick must feel undressed in public.” The mythical inventor of the make-up, at least as we know it today, was not wrong. In fact, please, raise your hand all those who have never worn a lipstick, a lip gloss or a simple lip balm. Anyone? As expected: none.

22 October, 2014

Chic Couture

Sensual, sophisticated and ultra-feminine: these are the characteristics of the Chic Couture collection from Intimissimi for autumn/winter 2014.

The highlight is the triangle bra made of lace, adorned with a bow, and with a jewel in the center. The testimonial Ana Beatriz Barros is perfect for the elegant spirit of the collection.

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