31 January, 2015

The Sweetest Taste of Italy

Italy is known for its dolce vita. It is a country with a sweet tooth, so it is no wonder that every region has local sweets that are often famous worldwide.

Today, we bring you ten typical Italian desserts that you simply must try.

30 January, 2015

Get in Shape After Holidays!

Holidays are always the time when we relax. We get to spend time with our dearest ones, we don’t have to worry about work and we easily get into a hedonistic mood.

It is hard not to be surrounded by delicious food and drinks when it is the festive period. Still, when the parties are done, you might find yourself with a few extra kilos that you take with you into the New Year. Don’t worry — we have the best tips to help you get back into shape.

28 January, 2015

Leitmotiv as Art

We interviewed Juan Caro and Fabio Sasso, two talented designers and founders of the Leitmotiv brand.

They are romantics and cosmopolitans, and like to dress men and women in colourful clothes with improbable prints.

Leitmotiv RS15 4196
26 January, 2015

Where to Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Every year couples from all over the world flock to Italy in search of once-in-a-lifetime romantic impressions for Valentine’s Day.

We have chosen three cities that are preparing varied programmes for lovebirds.

24 January, 2015

Italian-Style Hamburgers

The meat patty served with cheese in a crusty bun has long turned into something more than just fast food.

Burgers have taken their rightful place even in the menus of high-end restaurants, not to mention special quick service establishments where this type of sandwich is king! Feeling noticeably hungry we strolled around the streets of Milan in search of the best burgers. Here is our list of hand-picked establishments where burgers are cooked with true commitment.

22 January, 2015

It’s All About the Truffles!

The menu of the new place which recently opened in Milan is based on noble mushrooms.

The owners of Tartufotto try to avoid calling their establishment “a restaurant”, and prefer the title of “a truffle shop”. Here, one can not only try one of the numerous dishes containing the precious mushroom, but also purchase almost all of the ingredients individually.

20 January, 2015

Music Meets History

Following the tracks of famous artists and personalities of the past, discovering places that have left their mark and are still considerated the most elegant and refined.

Magical meeting points for a relaxing after-dinner accompanied by live music, to delve into the past.

19 January, 2015

Bags and More

MIPEL is the world’s most prestigious international leather goods exhibition.

It is held twice a year, and unites the best manufacturers from Italy and abroad. It covers the full spectrum of accessories – from evening clutches to suitcases and backpacks, from belts to walking canes and umbrellas.

18 January, 2015

Style of Candela Novembre

Discover the style and personality of one of the most famous Italian it-girls, a volcano of energy and spontaneity.

17 January, 2015

Man of Style: Michael Lewis

“Live the most with the least” is his motto. Let’s explore together the strength and simplicity of this beautiful rising star.

Born in Tel Aviv, the actor, model and sportsman Michael Lewis began his career in the fashion world at a very young age, immediately becoming a well-known face.

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