21 November, 2014

Body And Soul Therapy

Fashion & Beauty has found the perfect thermal hotel that offers a source of health and relaxation for those who want to get away from it all

Italy is famous, not only for its sea and snow resorts, but for the villages that can boast of hot springs. One of the oldest and most important thermal resorts is Abano Terme. It is situated in the province of Padua, in the Veneto region, where tourists from different countries head every year to relieve distress, to restore and recharge with the energy from the hot water that comes up from underneath the Earth’s interior. At the foot of the rolling Euganean Hills, you’ll be enchanted by the Abano Grand Hotel, the only five-star deluxe hotel in the Abano Terme area. It is located only 15 minutes away from the Padua centre, and just 45 kilometres from Venice.

20 November, 2014

All On Fire

As soon as the citrus color appeared like a light at the end of the tunnel designers all together proclaimed it new black of the coming fall.

Flame-colored dresses, trousers and top will fit any occasion. Cozy coats are particularly good in this color.

19 November, 2014

Your Source For The Italian Stiletto

3knives.com, a specialist shop for high class knives

3knives.com offers a large choice of fine Italian knives, identified by their unique design, superb technology and high quality construction. Entirely mady by Italian artisans, their beauty is in the luxury materials used, such as ebony, buffalo horn, mother of pearl and mammoth ivory.

Seen in hundreds of movies and novels, Italian stilettos have empassioned generations, a symbol of the peninsula of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, that has now become a collectable item. In fact there are over 10,000 collectors in the United States and 1,000 in Europe. The majority are men, but times are changing, so we also find a lot of women.

18 November, 2014


Appropriete for an everyday look or for special occasions, green has been in the spotlight all over the runways this year.

It makes the best combination with purples, blues and all the neutral shades

1. Hermès, hermes.com 2. Shoes, Bottega Veneta, bottegaveneta.com 3. Chair, Zanotta, zanotta.it 4. Bag, Marni, marni.com 5. Bag, Hermès,hermes.com 6. Nail Polish, Burberry, burberry.com 7. Christian Dior, dior.com

17 November, 2014

Northern Italy 10 Scenic Cities

Italy is considered to be the south of Europe and tourists usually come here for the sun and unforgettable seaside holidays, often losing sight of the beautiful northern cities.

We decided to right the wrong and talk about the top of the Italian “boot” – what we call the peninsula


This ancient city is located just 35 kilometers away from Milan. In the Middle Ages, Pavia was the capital of the Kingdom of the Lombards and had enormous political significance. Later this territory was ruled by the noble Visconti family. Each era made its indelible mark on the town’s image. The Duomo, built in the XV century, the Duke Visconti fortress and the University of Pavia, which is one of the oldest European institutions for higher education, are among the main sightseeing attractions.

16 November, 2014

Best Beauty Tricks For Winter

Winter can be a tough period when we need to take special care of ourselves.

Our beauty routines are quite different from the ones we have during the summer, and some special care is required. Bad weather affects our skin, hair and nails. That’s why we bring you some special beauty tips on how to go through the cold season and still look good.


Taking care of your skin starts from the inside. With all the heating around your skin is likely to get dry. Make sure to drink lots of water and take some supplements that have omega-3 if needed. Use a milky or creamy cleanser so your skin doesn’t get dry, and follow by a cream or a mask. The cream you will use during the winter might need to be a bit heavier and with oils or butters, while the light hydrating formulas should be left for summer. Don’t forget the SPF because Sun is there even during the winter and you need to stay protected. Lip balm is a must and use it frequently to avoid bleeding lips. In case you want to take some extra care, put honey on your lips and let it stay for a while. Not only is it delicious, but will make your lips super smooth. 

15 November, 2014

Pirelli Calendar 2015

Last year, for their 50th anniversary, Pirelli Calendar looked back at its history and reissued some of their most iconic old photographs.

This year they came back with a bang, and new photos started the buzz half way through out the year. Not bad for a calendar that you can’t buy or order online and that only gets sent to a certain group of people whose names nobody knows. So, what is it about Pirelli Calendar, or The Cal as it’s called, that makes the world go crazy? Well, for 2015 the shooting was done by Steven Meisel and styled by Carine Roitfeld, both iconic names in fashion.

14 November, 2014

The Foundation Louis Vuitton

The Foundation Louis Vuitton is the latest museum to be built in the outskirts of Paris.

This impressive building designed by the legendary architect Frank Gehry, that is now in his 80s, was started back in 2008 after the plans of its constructions were revealed back in 2006. After reportedly spending around $ 135 million on his biggest project yet, Bernard Arnault was super excited to announce that the museum opens its doors to the public on October 26. Described as a small payback to the public, the foundation that houses eleven galleries is part of the luxurious LVMH group, but is run as a legally separate, nonprofit entity.

13 November, 2014

Most Iconic Wedding Dresses

It’s no secret that girls like dresses. Still, there is one day in girl’s life that she puts on a dress that she will never forget. That day is her wedding day, and the dress is her wedding dress.

It is a special dress that has to be just right and that girls sometimes dream about since their childhood. Some wedding dresses were so amazing that they became iconic. They were worn by some pretty amazing ladies that stayed remembered in time. Let’s have a look at some of the most iconic wedding dresses.

Grace Kelly lived a life that comes pretty close to a fairytale. Not only that she was Hollywood’s favourite but she also became a princess of Monaco. So, it was only natural that she looked amazing on her big day. Always so graceful and elegant, Grace looked stunning in a dress designed by MGM studio’s costume designer Helen Rose. The wedding took place in 1956 but even after a few decades it is still remembered and inspirational to many brides.

12 November, 2014

How Sex and the City influenced fashion

It was one of the most watched shows that influenced lives of women all over the world. Sex and the City is not on the small screens anymore, but it has left it’s marks that are still noticeable.

Whether you were a hard core fan or barely knew who Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda are, these four fashionable ladies were so strong that you may not even be aware of how much they shaped the way women feel, act and dress.

It was always known that girls like shoes, but until Carrie called herself a “shoegal”, it was more of a private love affair. She made it ok for women to make this affair public and she also made some brands like Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo famous outside of the fashion world. This usually expensive accessory works for all the girls regardless of the body type and it helps get that extra dose of confidence. So, no wonder everyone would want to walk around in a pair of fabulous shoes, that can often make or break an outfit, like Carrie and her gals did.

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